The Rollright Stones


Once upon a time, or so the middle ages legend has it, a king came to the Rollrights in the Cotswolds with an ambition to become kind of England but was challenged by a witch who put a stop to his desire by turning him and his men into stones.

From an archaeological point of view, the Rollright Stones are a compound of Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monuments located near the village of Long Compton on the borders of Oxfordshire and it is likely that it was a place of burial.

From a wanderer’s point of view, though Stonehenge it isn’t, this circle of stones has a certain charm that springs from the travel in time that can be felt as you stand in the middle.



Except from the road that separates the king stone from the circle of stones, the landscape is probably very similar to what it was 2000 years before Christ and men from that time will have stood exactly where you are now. Who were they? What were they doing? How did they live without the Internet? All these mind boggling questions swim through your head as you are touching the stones, feeling a certain magic in the air.

From the Rollright Stones field, that has spaces for about 10 cars on the side of the road, it is possible to walk a loop going to Great Rollright and back. The countryside is rolling all right there as you would have guessed and the villages are impossibly charming. Then it is back to modern life and a post on the social media.









6 thoughts on “The Rollright Stones

      • It’s what I was told, perhaps a local legend! Also, I saw a article in The Independent a few years ago about some young “City” types who had bought the site. Don’t know who owns it now, as the friend we were staying with at the time of our visit has moved away from nearby Gt. Rollrights(?). I Know no more, sorry!

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