All I have time for today is a picture post. Stratford is the town where Shakespeare was born and it was fun to see so many shops and pubs make references to his plays. The weather was perfect for enjoying this busy place, its many timber Tudor houses and its glorious riverside as well as get an arty feeling from the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Other Place. The town is not in the Cotswolds so I have also created the category “Cotswolds wanderer goes to” for my visits and travels outside the area. If you are in the region,Stratford is worth a visit.

The first three pictures are of Shakespeare’s birth place. The next three an example of Tudor architecture and the last three are of the Avon and the RSC.

If “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”, let’s just say I enjoyed yesterday’s scene very much. Time to exit now.


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