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I have a confession to make. During my 18 months blogging, a companion has helped me choose what village to visit or what event to attend in the Cotswolds. I may not have been totally faithful but in the end, I always come back. Cotswold Life, in its paper or digital version is indeed a commendable companion as its articles are often titillating enough to warrant a long drive into the Cotswolds in order to reach the village or the exhibition I have to see with my own eyes.
Cotswold Life is, as you might have guessed, a lifestyle magazine dedicated to everything Cotswolds. Unfortunately, I do not have the GDP of a small country so this lifestyle is as unattainable to me as a Ph.D. is to Kanye West and yet I am almost always drawn to their latest issue. Visiting and taking pictures is as close as I will ever get from this lifestyle but that’s ok. After all we tire easily of what we possess, just ask any philanderer, so as long as I can chase the object of my affection, it will keep me thrilled.
Outside the (too) numerous property pages, I find the magazine has an interesting content with a strong focus on personalities, events, museums, villages, heritage, interiors and gardens from the Cotswolds. I like that it has an identity that could not be mistaken with any other place on earth. If I flick through its pages, I know instantly where I am thanks to the lovely pictures, many taken by readers, and it inspires me. Beauty is never boring.
This magazine could (should?) be the companion of any trip in the Cotswolds as it reflects its spirit perfectly. I might never step out of a house in Lower Slaughter on a snowy winter day with wood burning in the chimney and muffins cooking in the Aga as my neighbours of 15 years will be popping round later, but reading the magazine makes me feel I could easily belong to this community. Never mind if I don’t technically live in the Cotswolds, with Cotswold Life I am living quite a bit closer to the hills.



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