Kelmscott Manor

Just a reblog this week as I am going away. For those who are near the Cotswolds though, Kelmscott Manor, house of William Morris, is a must see and this is the season to see it at its best. Enjoy.

Cotswolds wanderer


Pity there is no English equivalent idiom to the French “avoir un coup de cœur”.  I’ll have to do with saying I really liked Kelmscott Manor, which seems an understatement somehow. In fact it was a complete crush and never mind if the aforementioned object of my affections is not flesh and blood. After today, I am sure you can have a crush on a building.

The building itself is a magnificent Tudor house from 1600 with several dependencies and a garden as beautiful as it is fragrant, all totally secluded from view in a very rural setting near Lechlade, West Oxfordshire. House sharing really isn’t a new trend in England since Kelmscott Manor was shared by the textile designer William Morris, a major figure of the English Arts and Crafts movement, and the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rosseti.



As you can imagine with these two artists, the interior…

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